Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it effective at trapping mosquitoes?

A: Very effective. We have three of them and keep them running. We’ve tried several different things and this has been worth every penny.

  • Does it only work on mosquitoes or does it work on other flying insects?

A: Yes, it works on mosquitos, flies, bugs, fruit flies, etc. Usually, in the night there were flying 3-4 mosquitos in our bedroom but now we are bugs-free.


  • Is it just a fan that will suck them in if they get too close? Is this like a "set it and forget it"?

A: Our electric insect trap lures the insects in with the UV-light. The fan then sucks them into the trap, where they get stuck to it. Air dry them with the fan. So yes, our trap is like a "set it and forget it" insect trap!


  • In order to make the best use of this product, where should I put it?

A: You can use it indoor or outdoor.

Indoor like bedroom, study ,living room, toilet, restaurant, hotel, conference room, office and supermarket, etc.


Outdoor like an enclosed space, such as outdoor camping tent.

Please note whether use it indoors or outdoors, the use scope is within 20 square meters.
Since mosquitoes are often inactive during the day, so the trap could not catch them, it mainly works in the evening, and because the outdoor is open and empty, and the wind is strong, so the effect of catching mosquitoes may not be good. Recommend for use in the environment without wind or with breeze.


  • Is there chemicals used for this?
A: NO, we use our radiation-free Violet LED releases violet light waves (365NM to 395NM) to irresistibly lure mosquitoes in and lock them in the secure anti-escape chamber inside.